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Inherits System.Web.UI.Page and adds the following features:

Dependency injects IRoleManager and CloudStorage.Factories.ICloudStorageDataContextFactory by invoking MEF OnPreInit.

Access to the RoleManager

This enables us:
  • To call the RoleManager a bit more logically.

Instead of this:

if (RoleManager.IsRoleManagerRunning)
	RoleManager.WriteToLog(	"Warnings",  "Woops – you messed up!");

The code becomes this:

RoleManager.WriteToLog(EventLogName.Information, "This is better!");
  • To access the CloudStorage.API implementations

This is the entry point into Cloud Storage and is discussed further on the page AzureContrib.ServiceHosting.StorageClient.

Access to the CloudStorage.Factories.ICloudStorageDataContextFactory

All you need to do in your code is type this.CloudStorageDataContextFactory and you're in! ;~)

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