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The project contains a sample site called SampleService that shows off some of the features of this project. A couple of Blog Posts outline the samples and here are a few more comments:

One main purpose of this project is to enable testability for Windows Azure Applications. This also means you separate Web front-end logic from the data access logic. Commonly this is done using an MVP or MVC pattern. We could have used an ASP.NET MVC application for these samples but we opted not to. The reason is that we want to keep these samples very brief and not to require any other knowledge. a simplified version of MVP is used

Using Message Queue

The Message Queue sample puts messages from a textbox on a Message Queue at the click of a button. It then and retrieves the messages again at the click of another button.


The sample page is QueueSample.aspx and the Controller it uses is SampleService_WebRole.Controllers.QueueSampleController.

Using Blob Storage

You can upload a blob file to the site and have it listed in a list of available blobs.


The sample page is BlobSample.aspx and the Controller it uses is SampleService_WebRole.Controllers.BlobSampleController.

Using Entity Storage

There is a sample entity that will be stored in a Cloud Storage table. The entity is the PersonEntity Entity. For this sample to run in the Development Fabric you have to create a local table in your Development Storage. This is done by right klicking your SampleService project and selecting "Create Test Storage Tables".


The sample page is EntitySample.aspx and the Controller it uses is SampleServiceWebRole.Controllers.EntitySampleController. This sample also uses an Entity Sample SampleServiceWebRole.Entities.PersonEntity and an Entity Data Context SampleService_WebRole.Entities.PersonEntityDataContext.

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